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Best Yamaha Portable Generator Reviews

Best Yamaha Portable Generator Ratings

The Yamaha Company has been in the power generating business for a very long time. Their products are among the most trusted brands in the market today. When it comes to emission engine durability, the Yamaha brand of generators comes first before any other brand. From high current models to highly portable ones, Yamaha has them all.  It is hard to find a power generator that is sturdily built, efficient, portable and also user friendly. But the Yamaha brands presented below have all these qualities all in one piece. We are going to take a critical review of the three best portable generators made by Yamaha. The reason why these models maintain the top spots is because of their high efficiency, portability, durability and generally their high user ratings.

yamaha 2400i generatorYamaha EF2400iSHC Portable Generator Summary

The Yamaha EF2400iSHC is renowned for its portable design and user friendliness. It provides clean power due to its ability to adjust its engine speed to precisely match the load. With this model, you will minimize downtime, avoid costly repairs, and prevent engine damage usually caused by low oil. Yamaha EF2400iSHC operates with less noise, is very reliable and quite efficient. You can do a whole lot of things with this model including using a hairblower dryer, running microwave, or using 13,500 RV air conditioners. Moreover, its easy starting capability makes it quite convenient to run and operate by anyone.

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yamaha 2000is generatorYamaha EF2000iS Generator Advice

This provides a moderate power of 1600 watts for most types of electronics. Its peak wattage can reach up to 2000. But if you need extra power, you can always daisy-chain 2 inverters together to give you that extra power you need to operate certain electronics that require higher voltage. If you are looking for clean stable power to power on your essentials, then the Yamaha EF2000iS is just right for you.  It comes with a single DC outlet and two AC outlets. With the fuel petcock feature, you can easily put off the fuel flow to the carburetor.

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yamaha ef1000is portable gensetYamaha Ef1000is Portable Generator Review

This is another high quality model that is convenient, durable, quite, and amazingly lightweight. It supplies high quality energy and offers long running capability. Some electronics gadgets with built-in microcomputers are very delicate and require a balanced supply of power to keep it running safely. Unfortunately, most power generators are unable to provide the right level of energy to power such electronics without any complications. But the Yamaha EF1000is portable generator is made specifically for such electronics. It is designed with 4-stroke OH50cc engine and weights about 13 kilograms. Moreover, it ensures a better fuel economy averaging about 12 hours of continuous running time.

Some of its features include oil warning system, 12v DC outlet, handy grip, easy control panel, economy control, inverter type controller, compact design, lightweight in its class, super silent, and high quality power generation.

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Yamaha Portable Generators

The above brands of Yamaha portable generators have been tested to supply high quality power to run most household electronics. Apart from their portability, they are also highly efficient and durable. Plus, they are all best sellers and maintain more than 4 point ratings from users. They are therefore highly recommended.